[Menvi-discuss] a question about hymns

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With the soprano and alto in the right hand and the bass and tenor in the
left hand, the piano scores in these hymnals use intervals in the right hand
to show the alto part and intervals in the left hand to show the tenor part.
The lyrics are included, of course, with each stanza brailled as a
paragraph.  The books are ideal for expanding a pianist's or singer's
repertoire of enjoyable hymns.  I regularly use them for that purpose.  
					Karen Gearreald

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Do these hymnals have chords and/or music or just lyrics? Hymns are
wonderful and I think I've seen the Methodist one you're talking about, but
I thought it was just lyrics. If not, please enlighten me because I'd get
that book in a heartbeat to learn some of those songs on the piano or maybe
some new ones to sing. Thanks.

On 5/2/13, Karen Gearreald <karen118 at cox.net> wrote:
> The eight-volume Methodist hymnal and the two-volume EVANGEL HYMNBOOK 
> are available as web braille files from NLS.  You will greatly enjoy 
> working with these books, which can provide good practice for all of 
> us.  Both books are favorites of mine.  Have fun!
> Karen Gearreald
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> Subject: [Menvi-discuss] Thanks for help re harmonic series, and a 
> question about hims
> Awesome explainations from everyone, I get it now. Thanks so much.
> It has been suggested that in order to get better at part reading, and 
> also understanding the structure of chords and harmony in general. 
> That we study some him books. I was wondering if anyone had any in 
> electronic braille format they would be willing to share? Or any 
> titles that can be recommended.
> Thanks. Where would I be without everyone on this list!
> Krystel.

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