[Menvi-discuss] Guitar Method that Goes Beyond The First Book?

Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Thu May 2 10:40:38 EDT 2013

Hi folks.

As a teacher of sighted guitar students, most of them kids, I'm 
having a heck of a time finding one of the popular method book 
series in Braille that goes beyond the first book in its series.

With adults, I would just use the first of the so-called Berklee 
books, A Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1, by William G. Leavitt. 
Before page 30 you're into tied and dotted notes, rests, chords 
etc. For adults, it presents more material quickly than anything 
else. It's excellent.

However, I'm having trouble finding Braille for anything I can use 
with younger people.

Will Schmid, hal Leonard Method: only book one seems available. 
This appears well organized, but I have at least one 7-year-old who 
would benefit from book 2, since she can already read the basics.

Mel Bay: similar story. One of their particularly old method books 
is available, but only the first book, which is very basic.

Is anyone else in my position and what have you done to address 
this problem?

I refuse to just tab everything and short-change my students by not 
teaching them how to read actual music notation.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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