[Menvi-discuss] new guitar

Timothy Clark Music timothyclarkmusic at me.com
Sat Dec 29 02:05:38 EST 2012

hello - 
 i got a new guitar. 
 it's an sx furrian guitar i got for 126 dollars. 
 i was thinking it would be cheeply made and it wouldn't play correctly until i would do modding on it and i was all set to do just that but i took it out of the box and tuned it up and she plays like a 1thousand telly no doubt about it. 
 i just had to check it and make sure the screws were tight and i had to tighten a few but after that it was fine. 
 i tell you what. 
 i now believe that cheeper can be better. not always is but it can be. 
 i swair i'm not getting pade here but you have to check out http://www.rondomusic.com 
 great gear for cheep but great quality none the less.
 Your friend in the music industry 

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