[Menvi-discuss] how to search the nls catalog

Dale Lieser dale.lieser at gmail.com
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Sometimes in the email to which I am replying you wrote "Brahams". So make
sure your typing correctly into the search fields .

Also, simply type Brahms as the author, and look through all the entries the
search brings up. So in this case you would not search for a title.

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Could someone help me with searching the NLS catalog? I tried 
searching the catabbaog to see if they had the Braham's requiem.  
I typed Brahms as the author and Braham's requiem into the title 
field but nothing came up.  What am I doing wrong? It seems 
everyone else can search the catalog without a problem.  Sorry if 
this sounds harsh but it's frustrating.
Thanks in advance,

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