[Menvi-discuss] hybrid picking

Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Mon Dec 17 14:38:55 EST 2012

Hi there.

Well, the idea is that your pick or a thumb pick hits one note, 
usually the root of a chord, while your finger or fingers hit other 
notes in the chord. The benefit to this technique is that you can 
get the notes to sound simultaneously, as a block chord. Then, when 
it comes time to solo or play single notes, your pick is still in 
your hand.

If you are really interested in this technique and have a decent 
sighted teacher to help you, Gustavo Assis-Brasil's book Hybrid 
Picking for Guitar thoroughly explores this technique. The first 
half of the book is comprised of exercises, and the second half is 
music of various kinds, including some twelve-tone stuff.  Again, 
you'll need a sighted person to read the notation or you'll have to 
get someone to transcribe it into Braille.



At 01:29 PM 12/17/2012, you wrote:
>hello all -
>  does anyone know how to do hybrid picking on the guitar?
>  it seems like it would be easier to use your fingures 
> exclusively then to use a pick along with your fingures.
>  can someone add me on skype and show me how to do this properly?
>  thanks.
>  my skype is djtimothy1
>  Your friend in the music industry
>  7244011224
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