[Menvi-discuss] Sculpture and Music Braille

richardtaesch at menvi.org richardtaesch at menvi.org
Sun Dec 16 15:43:59 EST 2012


I've sent a response to you for an inquiry that you may find of interest.

The project that he describes (below my response) may be an opportunity to
bring some fine exposure for our interests in music for blind musicians
into the art world.

His name appears in several places with a Google search, and he is
apparently involved in sculpture, education, and music projects.

If you feel it worthy to look into this, his name is Moe Thomas. Kindly
write to him off line, as he is not a member of our network at this time.

Perhaps you may have suggestions for him, or want to become involved as a
transcriber. The kind of music braille he seeks may already exist.

His address is: "moe thomas" <moeliveson at hotmail.com>

Richard Taesch
MENVI HQ - www.menvi.org

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