[Menvi-discuss] braille transcription inquiry

richardtaesch at menvi.org richardtaesch at menvi.org
Sun Dec 16 14:59:38 EST 2012

Hello Moe,

How wonderful that you are including braille music literacy in your fine

At this time, I myself am unable to help, but I have copied your request
to our MENVI discussion list at "Music Education Network for The Visually

There are numerous members, including transcribers that may be able to
write to you off list, and possibly provide the help that you are seeking.

You may find our site interesting as well, and perhaps find some links of
value to your project.

Most sincerely,
Richard Taesch
SCCM Braille Music Division
MENVI HQ - wwww.menvi.org
> Hello richard. My name is Moe thomas. I am a conceptual sculpture in
> oakland ca, and am in need of help. I wish to transcribe a Bela Bartok
> piece into flat braille notation so as to make a piece. I have researched
> this a great deal and your name keeps popping up. Do you think this can be
> done. I understand that this braille music takes up much more space in the
> translation and may need to modify the entire piece into strings or wind
> for logistic purposes. I intend to use wood or composite in making an
> exact replica of the piece for a gallery exhibition in san francisco,
> quite possibly a tester of sorts for a much larger scale piece int he
> future of Beethovens' 5th, complete and in layers of the entire
> orchestra....with lighting, now I am getting ahead of myself but my ideas
> are never easy to achieve and this one is daunting to say the least. I
> know you are a busy man, as am I, but i hope you can find the time to
> assist me in the most beautiful of an endeavor.

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