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Brandon Keith Biggs brandonkeithbiggs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 02:31:12 EST 2012

I finally turned in my first assignment in as IPA (see attached)
Now my teacher has told me to both get the Harper-Collins Italian College 
Dictionary and Nico Castel's Libretti for the shows I'm learning. The 
problem with IPA is OCR programs go nuts. I'm wondering if there are 
transcribers who know IPA or if anyone knows transcribers who can possibly 
start doing IPA? Because it is amazing when I can't figure out if ricevi has 
an open e or a closed e and I look at the IPA and see how it is supposed to 
be said.
My teacher also said for me to get Cassell's Italian, German and French 
dictionaries for the old poetic words. How do people like navigating and 
using dictionaries? I've never used one before.
Thank you,

Brandon Keith Biggs 
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