[Menvi-discuss] Tonal Harmony?

Brandon Keith Biggs brandonkeithbiggs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 17:03:27 EST 2012

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do about this?
Tonal harmony by Kostka has come out with a new 7th edition and my teacher 
said he couldn't order the 6th for my book to remain the same as the rest of 
the class. He said the publisher doesn't even sell the 6th edition anymore.
I have the 6th from NLS and Learning ally, but now that is obsolete. Should 
I tell my school to Braille the 7th edition, even though it is 15 volumes 
and the work book is 5? Also is it reasonable for me to ask for it to be 
recorded by learning ally?
I already have them Brailing about 500 Braille pages a quarter and they 
think that is insane. I'm scared if I ask for this mammoth they might have a 
heart attack.

Brandon Keith Biggs 

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