[Menvi-discuss] Question regarding Introduction to Braille music and Introduction to the piano for the Blind student courses

Miranda B. knownoflove at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 13:36:10 EST 2012


Although I plan to take Hadley's Braille music course in the Spring, I'm
planning to use these courses for review. I'm currently borrowing
"Introduction to Braille Music for the Blind student part I", and I
absolutely love it!

I know that "Introduction to Braille Music" has two parts, and "Introduction
to the piano" has two books. I am wondering if these courses should be used
in conjunction with one another? For example, "Introduction to Braille
Music" part I with "Introduction to the piano" book I, and "Introduction to
Braille Music" part II with "Introduction to the piano" book 2.

Or, is it best to go through "Introduction to Braille Music" Part I before
moving on to "Piano" book one, and "Braille music" part II before
"Introduction to the piano" book 2?

I hope this question makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any clarification, and have a wonderful weekend!


In Christ, Miranda

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