[Menvi-discuss] Marching band question

Kaiti Shelton crazy4clarinet104 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 21:09:38 EDT 2012


This is a question I've given some thought to several times over the
years, but I wanted to see if anyone on the list would have a thought
on it.

I've been in my high school marching band for 5 years and plan on
continuing to march in college this fall.  I usually can memorize at
least the majority of the show before band camp starts so music isn't
an issue, but I've been trying to figure out a good way to make dot
sheets accessible.  I've always had someone close by tell me the
information I need, like which yard line to go to, how many steps
inside or outside to move, and the number of counts I have to get from
one place to the next, but that would often make it difficult for both
me and the person reading the information to me because then we'd have
less time to find our sets.  It was a minor issue in high school as we
were practicing the same competition show all season and even when
changes were made I could usually memorize them, but when there is
going to be a new show every game I'd like to be more self-sufficient
and have access to the information myself.

Last year a friend of mine worked with me on our breaks at band camp.
They read all the information off set by set and I wrote everything
down in my BrailleNote. It was great because I could find sets for
myself, but as our band camp was in August and our practices were
several hours long at a time, I couldn't use the BrailleNote as I
intended to because I was afraid of overheating it.  I've thought
about the possibility for next year of having my sets brailled in hard
copy form and keeping it in a binder with my music.  I'd memorize all
the music I could get in advance before band camp started, but when
learning sets I would just march with the binder instead of my

The band director seems pretty flexible so I think if I were to do
this it wouldn't be an issue, but I was wondering if anyone else has
had a similar experience or has found a better way to make drill
charts accessible.


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