[Menvi-discuss] digest mode for this list

Jared Rimer, MENVI webmaster menvi-webmaster at menvi.org
Wed Apr 25 00:50:27 EDT 2012

It has been braught to MENVI web's attention that there are some 
questions in regards to digest mode.  I'll have a comprehensive message 
after I find out a few things, but there are instructions at the bottom 
of every message that should help.  If you need help, please write 
contact at menvi.org remember to specify which list, and that you want 
digest, and someone on the team will take care of it for you.  Please 
remember to give us the address you use to subscribe to the list, 
especially if you use a separate one for our newsletters and rosters. 
Thanks for subscribing.
Jared Rimer
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know where the issue is so we can fix it.
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