[Menvi-discuss] fonts and such

Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Fri Apr 20 11:29:11 EDT 2012

Forgive what might be an ignorant question, since I'm a screen 
reader user.
Windows doesn't have the ability to display things in a larger 
font, or OS X if you're a Mac user? Really?

Besides whatever is built into the operating system, looking at my 
email program here, I can adjust message font and size, screen font 
and size, etc.

Other options if you need really big print:
    * www.aisquared.com/zoomtext
    * www.freedomscientific.com/products/lv/magic-bl-product-page.asp

At 08:31 PM 4/19/2012, you wrote:
>Many of you are using a font or a type that is too small for me to 
>read.  I am sighted but wear glasses (contacts) and my eyes are 
>getting older so I need larger print to read.  If the letters are 
>small I have to get out my magnifying glasses.  Do you think you 
>could check your e-mail fonts or size of print or whatever and 
>give me, and those like me, a break?  It would be greatly appreciated.
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