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I looked at these Braille editions when they were first produced--I was hoping to use them with students. But I thought they were overly complicated and went with another method instead. Since only Book 1 was available, I also wanted something that had more Braille at higher levels. I'd be very interested to see how a different transcription tackled similar problems in the book itself.

I like a lot of the Alfred Basic materials, especially since American Printing House has all the way through Book 6. Usually, once students get through Book 3, I've got them mostly working out of repertoire books anyway. But some prefer the Alfred beyond that, and for them, I like having the resources.

Stephanie Pieck

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Hi, Lydia.I looked at Web-Braille and saw that the theory and lesson books for Piano Adventures 1 are available. Title:         Piano adventures. Level 1, Theory book [music                  (braille)] / by Nancy and Randall Faber with Victoria                  McArthur.Book Number:   BRM35446 Title:         Piano adventures [music (braille)] : a basic                  piano method. Lesson book. Primer level / by Nancy and                  Randall Faber.Book Number:   BRM32383


  You may want to look through both books to see how descriptions of pictures are handled. Imho, as a braille user who'd reference a book like this to get ideas on how to work with young students wanting to learn music, I'd want to see an edition that stays as close to the print as possible, with notes included on what my color options are for marking the dynamics.   I'm interested in what the transcribers on list have to say, though.



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  I'm producing braille editions of the Piano Adventures teaching series and there are instances where the text needs to be adapted for VI users. For instance, where the student is asked to circle items in a piece, or fill in blanks on the page, we have replaced the instruction with "show your teacher...". These are just practical considerations. But what about a piece that asks the student to "choose a color for each dynamic mark"? Or memory exercises referred to as "Blind Flying"?  As a publisher, should our principle be to show braille users exactly what's in the print, or should we adapt the contents for our market?  The first approach may make us seem insensitive, while the latter could seem patronising. We just want to get these excellent resources out there in the most user-friendly form.


  Lydia Machell (Prima Vista Braille Music Services)


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