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VI users kind of feel a little superior to sighted people when it comes to reading entry level books because they don’t have to memorize all the clefs, so when their mates are struggling with note identification the blind person is already doing sight singing.
So what ever you do I would keep that in mind. In an introduction to music for the blind student, the student is asked to make a cheetsheet so they are able to read off that sheet each time they encounter the dynamic mark. Because students are able to keep their place with one hand and read the cheetsheet with another, this is ideal. 
I have no idea what the “Flying blind” exercises. But I would say somewhere that you are adapting this book for blind users. Also wouldn’t it be more prudent to ask the student to rewrite the examples rather than telling their teacher? Because aren’t the books meant for students to read on their own?

Brandon Keith Biggs

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I'm producing braille editions of the Piano Adventures teaching series and there are instances where the text needs to be adapted for VI users. For instance, where the student is asked to circle items in a piece, or fill in blanks on the page, we have replaced the instruction with "show your teacher...". These are just practical considerations. But what about a piece that asks the student to "choose a color for each dynamic mark"? Or memory exercises referred to as "Blind Flying"?  As a publisher, should our principle be to show braille users exactly what's in the print, or should we adapt the contents for our market?  The first approach may make us seem insensitive, while the latter could seem patronising. We just want to get these excellent resources out there in the most user-friendly form.

Lydia Machell (Prima Vista Braille Music Services)

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