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I don't know if Lime Lighter would be big enough for this.
At this point I would recommend either using Jaws to memorize your lyrics, 
or learning Braille.
BTW if you are good you can hear the lyrics on your PDA before you say them, 
but it's not really the best idea to sing with headphones on. Braille is 
really the best bet when it comes to music. Sorry beautiful technology, we 
have to kill trees to read music...
*embosses out another anthology*

Brandon Keith Biggs
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I have partial sight t - Stargardt's Disease.  I sing in the choir in my
church and canter sometimes.   I took voice lessons for several years and am
going to resume this summer.  My problem is this.  In order to read the
words to the hymns, I type them up in Word and put them in a 70 Bold font.
I really have a hard time to read  a smaller font that.  So this results in
the there being quite a lot of pages.  So  I have to flip the pages very
quickly and this seems very inefficient I don't read Braille. Does anyone
have any other ideas on singing the lyrics to songs?  I' thinking I may just
have to memorize the lyrics.


Michele Hill

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