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Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Sat Apr 14 11:50:03 EDT 2012

and if that doesn't work, find out what your rights are legally and 
get a Lawyer's Letter.  You're not taking them to court, just 
showing them that the thought of it has crossed your mind.

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>I have been thinking more about the meeting I suggest you set up 
>with the chair. Remember, being calm and informative are two goals 
>to keep in mind.
>The chair needs to know that the teacher, according to what you 
>have said she said, is ill prepared, evidenced by last-minute, 
>so-called planning.
>Think this through before you try it, but choose an obscure 
>language, and ask the chair person if he/she speaks it. If the 
>answer is, "no," ask the leader to imagine receiving a worksheet 
>in that language and being instructed to complete it.
>Then succinctly explain what would need to happen for you to get 
>worksheets in a timely way and format in which you would be on 
>equal footing with classmates.
>Recently I have had to resort to the obscure language perspective 
>to make a point. It proved valuable in changing policy.
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