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Sat Apr 14 07:47:09 EDT 2012



I have been thinking more about the meeting I suggest you set up with the
chair. Remember, being calm and informative are two goals to keep in mind.


The chair needs to know that the teacher, according to what you have said
she said, is ill prepared, evidenced by last-minute, so-called planning.


Think this through before you try it, but choose an obscure language, and
ask the chair person if he/she speaks it. If the answer is, "no," ask the
leader to imagine receiving a worksheet in that language and being
instructed to complete it.


Then succinctly explain what would need to happen for you to get worksheets
in a timely way and format in which you would be on equal footing with


Recently I have had to resort to the obscure language perspective to make a
point. It proved valuable in changing policy.




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