[Menvi-discuss] Mac and Voiceover

Chris Smart csmart8 at cogeco.ca
Fri Apr 13 11:25:45 EDT 2012

Hi Dale.

Well, perhaps getting a Mac would give you the best of both worlds. 
Of course, this also involves keeping your versions of Jaws and 
Windows up to date, which would add some expense.

Part of the attraction to VoiceOver is that it is built into the 
operating system, so you don't have that added thousand dollar 
expense of Jaws. But, that's only good until you want to use 
Sibelius or Sonar or some other program that isn't supported yet, 
and then you're back to Jaws and Windows again.

For example, if I was only using a computer to listen to music, go 
online, answer emails, type the occasional document etc. I would 
just spend a few hundred bucks on a Mac Mini, and I'd be all set. 
Talks right out of the box! For many people, especially agencies 
who fund computer purchases for us like ADP, that is a very 
attractive way to go.

But, I need access to lots of music applications every day, so 
that's what keeps me running a PC, Windows, Jaws etc.

The one thing Apple Macs have going for them is that they are a 
fairly closed system.  With a PC, you can end up with any parts 
from any manufacturer thrown together in a case, with less than 
satisfactory results. whereas any hardware inside a Mac is approved 
by Apple. Plus, their operating system is built on Unix. The upshot 
is that things are very very stable and perform well, if you're 
willing to pay maybe 30% more for the equivalent power of a PC.


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