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Thanks for the update.

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First of all I just wanted to thank you my musical family regarding the 
prayers for today. Second, I'd like to bring you up to speed on what is 
going on.
So I saw my new opthamologist, and he said that he was going to give me 
two eyedrop samples and I should take them four times a day one drop in 
each eye, then I should get my eye records from my previous 
opthamologist, and also see a specialist for v scanning which is an 
ultrasound on my eyes to further determine what is going on, so I see 
him on the 30th of this month and on May 8th, I see the opthamologist I 
saw today...so keep praying...oh yeh, almost forgot, I used to be able 
to have light perception and to see shadows in both eyes but due to 
cateracts, I'm only seeing this stuff from my right eye...and btw the 
light was blue today! I saw it in my right eye!
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