[Menvi-discuss] Will Pray

Chela Robles cdrobles693 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 17:11:59 EDT 2012

Yeh actually, I have to see the ophtamologist tomorrow and I explained 
it in a previous message.
That is why Dale changed the subjectline.
I said: On a sidenote, can you all be praying for me because tomorrow I 
see the opthamologist for I have an eye issue where well four years ago, 
I was told I have cateracts, well, knowing I can't or rather don't 
normally blink, and can't make tears of my own, my eyes have a firey 
burning sensation, like it is stuck to a hot light bulb that never cools 
off, and they are starting to itch, so my appointment is at 
1:20PMPST...so be praying/thinking about trumpeter Chela Robles here in 
Concord, California...please? Thank You! Apparently, he meant to respond 
offlist as I encourage all of you to do. I'm really not going to like 
him shining a light into my eyes that is for sure!

"Passion is a great motivator. Music is a life-long learning experience."
Chela Robles
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