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Absolutely find a reliable buddy who will be beside you for every rehearsal
and performance.  Your buddy can discreetly touch you on the arm or side
when the conductor gives a cue for standing up, sitting down, beginning to
sing, or ending a note.  If you feel that somehow your buddy has forgotten
to cue you about an entrance or cutoff, just don't sing until you hear what
the other members of your section are doing.  If you cut off early or miss
an entrance, nobody will notice; but if you hold a note too long or if you
enter early, you may embarrass yourself and the other performers.
					Karen Gearreald

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I know there was a similar thread on this earkier, but my question is as
follows: I am performing "Carmina Burana" with my community choir and our
city's symmrhoy orchestra.  The orchestra conductor is going to be giving
the choir cues that are not in the music such as cut-offs.  I am totally
blind so I can't see when the conductor is making a gesture to tell us
something.  I don't want to call attention to the fact that I am blind, but
at the same time, I don't want to stick out because I am still holding a
note or not coming in when the other choir members are already singing.
What can I do about this, is it ok to ask a fellow choir member to give me a
secret signal during the concert and give me a cue when to stand up or sit
down or do I just need to listen to the other choir members for cues?
Thanks in advance,

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