[Menvi-discuss] following an orchestra conductor

Kelsey Nicolay piano.girl0299 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 14:46:40 EDT 2012

I know there was a similar thread on this earkier, but my 
question is as follows: I am performing "Carmina Burana" with my 
community choir and our city's symmrhoy orchestra.  The orchestra 
conductor is going to be giving the choir cues that are not in 
the music such as cut-offs.  I am totally blind so I can't see 
when the conductor is making a gesture to tell us something.  I 
don't want to call attention to the fact that I am blind, but at 
the same time, I don't want to stick out because I am still 
holding a note or not coming in when the other choir members are 
already singing.  What can I do about this, is it ok to ask a 
fellow choir member to give me a secret signal during the concert 
and give me a cue when to stand up or sit down or do I just need 
to listen to the other choir members for cues?
Thanks in advance,

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