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If you have an anthology of songs that you want to keep in it's  
original form, but want to keep the pages printable, i suggest that  
you take the book to Kinko's. They will slice the binding off and then  
either put a plastic spiral on the edge or they can punch the cut edge  
with a 3 ring binder punch and will even put it in your binder or you  
can buy a binder  there. It take about 5 minutes.

I have had my piano students do this for a few years now.  Their music  
lasts a long time and does not snap out of the original binding.

Kinko's will also laminate the front and back cover of the book or can  
put a thin plastic sheet on the front and back of the book.

The whole bit will cost less than $10.  It's sooooo worth it.
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On Apr 7, 2012, at 10:54 AM, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:

> Hello,
> I’m wondering how I can make a binder full of print sheet music look  
> professional?
> I was just told that my accompanist’s binder looked like **** by one  
> of my singer friends.
> I’ve been using my sighted music illiterate parents to help me scan  
> in each new piece of music I am given out of the sheet music books I  
> have. But when my friend looked at my binder she was exclaiming how  
> I had measures that were blurry, notes that were white instead of  
> black and in one case the measure on the bottom of the page was cut  
> off.
> She then proceeded to take me to the store, we got a whole puncher,  
> plain labeling tabs and a sharpie, along with the 3 ring binder with  
> the round rings on the spine and not those slanted binders.
> We went back to my house and she helped me rescan pages that were  
> messed up in my original TIF files, but even then I was having a  
> problem of the notes being white on some staves instead of black.  
> She just ended up copying the pages from my book instead of using  
> the computer. She then nicely labeled every song and made sure they  
> were all there and that every measure looked perfect.
> I was just asked to email my music to a pianist so they can  
> practice. I sent over my music, but I got a response from the  
> pianist that not all the pages were there. I mailed her the tiffs  
> along with the extra pages we scanned with my friend.
> I’m wondering how I can make my print music look professional?  
> Because as it stands I’ve been looking like a dunce at the auditions  
> I’ve gone to and the pianist questioned my authenticity after  
> receiving music with missing pages.
> I am not sure why scanning in the music doesn’t seem to work,  
> because that is the best way for me to do things with my print music.
> I’m worried when I don’t have friends around who can help me with my  
> music, what can I do?
> I know if I got all my music in a Lime file things would be good,  
> because I’d be able to print the lime file to a PDF and send that  
> out, or print directly from the lime file. But I don’t have any  
> music literate people who I can train to scan into Lime. I guess I  
> can higher a pianist to take my music books and copy the pages that  
> my songs are on, then come back to my house and scan in those copied  
> pages into the computer, but again I am not sure how they will turn  
> out, or even if the music is right side up.
> Does anyone have any siguestions?
> Thanks,
> Brandon Keith Biggs
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