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Could it be that your problems with obtaining a good scan are related to the book not being flat on the scanner? Depending on your circumstances, sometimes a blind person needs to give up the integrity of an actual book, and carefully separate the pages. If you have access to a good-quality paper cutter, that usually works well, depending on the thickness of the book you are willing to dismantle.





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I’m wondering how I can make a binder full of print sheet music look professional?

I was just told that my accompanist’s binder looked like **** by one of my singer friends. 

I’ve been using my sighted music illiterate parents to help me scan in each new piece of music I am given out of the sheet music books I have. But when my friend looked at my binder she was exclaiming how I had measures that were blurry, notes that were white instead of black and in one case the measure on the bottom of the page was cut off. 

She then proceeded to take me to the store, we got a whole puncher, plain labeling tabs and a sharpie, along with the 3 ring binder with the round rings on the spine and not those slanted binders.

We went back to my house and she helped me rescan pages that were messed up in my original TIF files, but even then I was having a problem of the notes being white on some staves instead of black. She just ended up copying the pages from my book instead of using the computer. She then nicely labeled every song and made sure they were all there and that every measure looked perfect.

I was just asked to email my music to a pianist so they can practice. I sent over my music, but I got a response from the pianist that not all the pages were there. I mailed her the tiffs along with the extra pages we scanned with my friend.

I’m wondering how I can make my print music look professional? Because as it stands I’ve been looking like a dunce at the auditions I’ve gone to and the pianist questioned my authenticity after receiving music with missing pages.

I am not sure why scanning in the music doesn’t seem to work, because that is the best way for me to do things with my print music.

I’m worried when I don’t have friends around who can help me with my music, what can I do?

I know if I got all my music in a Lime file things would be good, because I’d be able to print the lime file to a PDF and send that out, or print directly from the lime file. But I don’t have any music literate people who I can train to scan into Lime. I guess I can higher a pianist to take my music books and copy the pages that my songs are on, then come back to my house and scan in those copied pages into the computer, but again I am not sure how they will turn out, or even if the music is right side up.

Does anyone have any siguestions?



Brandon Keith Biggs


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